52 racist things about this “asian girlz” music video

  1. The typeface.
  2. The first nine notes.
  3. “You’re my asian girl,” as a refrain, in general. (It’s not like saying “Ooh my brown-eyed girl,” which is just describing the girl and one of her nice qualities. Instead, “You’re my asian girl” is basically saying “I like you because of your ethnicity and if you leave I’ll find another asian girl because you are all exotic and yet totally identical.”)
  4. The girl in the video is wearing basically exactly what I wore to a “CEOs and Office Hos” party freshman year. Except the video presents her as just a regular asian girl, acting the way all asian girls always do. Nope.
  5. “I love your sticky rice”
  6. “Butt fucking all night”
  7. “Korean barbecue, bitch”
  8. Why is the girl in the photos wearing a blonde wig? If you’re going to write a song about how much you love asian girls and all the asian things about them, why not let that girl her keep her natural hair color? Oh, because blonde hair is so pretty and glamorous, says the video’s stylist who has probably never ever thought about colonialism or white privilege or fucked up Western beauty standards now applying to everybody.
  9. “I love your creamy yellow thighs”
  10. “Ooh, your slanted eyes”
  11. “It’s the year of the dragon”
  12. “Ninja pussy I’m stabbin'” Do you mean with your penis? Is that what you mean?
  13. The girl’s bedroom is filled with “asian-looking” things, like some gold cats, a bird cage, a skull, and an uglydoll. By the way, Uglydoll is based in New Jersey.
  14. I can’t decide whether the actress’s tattoos are real (in which case, rock on) or put on for the video (in which case, what the fuck).
  15. The idea of a girl dancing around her room in lingerie for a tiny racist band in a birdcage is pretty screwed up anyway, but it becomes really racist when you consider the historical context.
  16. “Superstitious feng shui shit”
  17. Every single photo seems to have been taken in a Japanese restaurant.
  18. The girl appears to be swapping boba from her bubble tea with one of the band members. Sexy?
  19. “I brought you green tea boba”
  20. “Your mama’s so pretty”
  21. “Best nails in the city”
  22. “Pushing your daddy’s Mercedes”
  23. Paper lanterns. Everywhere.
  24. “New years in February” pretty clearly refers to the Chinese new year, but the girl in question might also be Japanese or Korean (or anything else, really) based on other references. I’m betting the guy who wrote the song either doesn’t know that “asian” isn’t just one culture, or doesn’t care.
  25. “February? That’s fine with me!” This is absurd. The whole conversation seems to be saying, “Asians live in bizarro-world. I would be basically opposed to any culture that isn’t mine, but I get to have sex with this girl, so I’ll put up with her weird asian shit! I’m so accepting!”
  26. “Shark soup. (What?? Fuck it. We’ll eat it.)” Again, this. Oh, Asian people eat such crazy things! But it’s so great to have sex with them!
  27. “Ohh, tradition tradition tradition yeah!” I want to vomit.
  28. “You’re here illegally (the best kind!) so baby marry me.” That is the most coercive thing I’ve ever heard.
  29. “Come here and sit on my lap or we’ll send you back.” Oh wait, never mind. THIS is the most coercive thing I’ve ever heard. You are now a racist rapist. Congratulations.
  30. They’re singing karaoke.
  31. “Oh you age so well, I can barely tell”
  32. “Seventeen or twenty three? Babe, it doesn’t matter to me!” Depending on the state you’re in, it might matter to the law, dude.
  33. The very idea that the girl in the video is enjoying any of this is pretty fucked up. I hope when they go swimming in the bathtub she drowns all of them.
  34. “Happy endings”
  35. “Toyota”
  36. “Spicy tuna sashimi, yeah”
  37. “Fried rice”
  38. “Sailor moon”
  39. “Wonton soup”
  40. “Spring rolls”
  41. “Thai iced tea”
  42. “Tibetan foot rub, rubbin’ down down down”
  43. “Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra”
  44. The part where dancing girl is surrounded by neon cats.
  45. “Tofu all over you”
  46. The part where the girl twirls her hair and sticks her tongue out.
  47. The “shrinking potion,” as if all asians are spooky wizards or sorcerers or something.
  48. There’s a poster of a panda on her wall.
  49. The fact that, in quantifying the racist things about this video, I’ve typed almost every single lyric.
  50. The fact that Day Above Ground had to take down the video, and now it’s up with the following description: “This is Day Above Ground reposting this video with a new description as a response to all the comments we received on this video. We appreciate all the criticism and support. Our song “Asian Girlz” was not written with any malicious, hateful, or hurtful intent. We know it is racy and does push the boundaries further than other songs out there. Understand that we do not promote or support racism or violence. We love everyone no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation.”
  51. The fact that Day Above Ground is not a parody band, and they really think “Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra” is “pushing boundaries.”
  52. Everything.
  • Honeybrown1976

    That video’s simply disgusting.

  • Harper Yi

    Clara. Honey. No.

    Yes. This video is fucked up bullshit. But you are not doing me, as an asian girl, any favors by incorrectly labelling stuff as “racist” when it’s not. And in fact, you’re showing your own kind of ignorance.

    1 – the typeface is not racist. stupid, played-out, awful, and over done? maybe (definitely). but not racist.

    6 – “butt fucking all night” is not racist. In the context, it seems to be a part of a fetishizing sexual fantasy, but it’s not actually racist. FYI, neither is “handys all night” “BJs all night” etc.

    13 – uglydoll was cofounded by a korean. So unless you’re saying that a korean american’s work is being found in a set attempting to (however shittily) represent asian culture is racist / appropriative, then you’re wrong. This point was poorly researched and is thus saying asian-americans aren’t really asians (not cool)

    24 – I am Korean. we celebrate “Chinese New Year.” Which is actually just Lunar New Year, but Chinese New Year is also universally accepted term, especially since the Islamic calendar is also based on a lunar cycle, but starts/ends at a different point. China has a longer history of civilization than Korean and Japan do, and as the main economic, technological, and political power in Asia, it exerted a lot of hegemonic power over Korea and Japan. We got many things from China, including early written language, architecture, astronomy, mathematics, etc. We are on their calendar. My grandparent’s birthdays are not the same on the gregorian calendar every year as a result. No, we’re not all the same culture, but picking on this point as an example is wrong. Don’t call out others for their ignorance and prove you haven’t done your homework either.

    Clara, you know I love you, and that’s why I’m calling you on your bullshit. This video is still awful, but it is awfully hypocritical of you to criticize it by making incorrect statements as if an authority on Asian culture.

    • Caroline

      actually, there is a stereotype that asian women enjoy anal sex more than women of other ethnicities

      • Harper Yi

        I’ve actually never heard that one! Question though, for clarification’s sake: Is it actually a stereotype that Asian women like it more, or is it the whole “Asian women are submissive man-pleasers who will let you do whatever you want” stereotype feeding into the idea that they are more willing to do anal?

        • Caroline

          I’m not entirely sure, but I’m inclined to say the latter. I actually had a conversation with an Asian American co-worker about this, that there’s a big trend in the pornography industry in particular of depicting Asian women having anal sex.

    • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

      No, Clara is not any sort of authority on Asian culture but what she’s pointed out are all still racial stereotypes picked by the band (and/or the stylist) who are absolutely ignorant on what Asian culture actually is. You’re breaking down her errors as though this band (this dreadful fucking band) are actually informed and haven’t just found every ridiculous stereotype they can find and thrown it into this song/clip. They are absolute morons who seem to think all Asians are one and the same and are perpetuating horrible stereotypes that are not only offensive to Asian people but anyone with an ounce of respect for other cultures. Just because you personally don’t consider some of these points racist, doesn’t mean that others don’t.

      • Harper Yi

        Breaking down Clara’s errors are not praises of this band’s bullshit idiocy. It’s just breaking down her errors.

        I agree that I am not the voice of the Asian people, but neither is Clara and neither are you. What Clara has done is make factual errors about Asian cultures and that is what I have a problem with. If you are going to call out racial ignorance, you should do so without being racially ignorant.

        I have not once called this band informed. I have only stated that Clara is misinformed. They’re not mutually exclusive.

        You’re basically saying that it’s okay to perpetuate falsehoods about other cultures so long as you’re correcting someone who made worse statements.

  • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

    OMFG I am so offended it’s ridiculous. OK so I’m not Asian myself but I have a bunch of Asian friends and I’ve seen guys be super creepy and sleazy to them based on their race and using horrible, racist stereotypes as though it’s some kind of cute come-on. But man, I thought that was just reserved to sleazy guys in bars, never did I think anyone would be DUMB enough to make a song about it.
    Also, the actress is Levy Tran. She’s an absolute twit but I am shocked she’d willingly be in this video. Actually, maybe not. She deserves a cuff around the ears for being involved in this. Oh and yes, they are her tattoos.