60 sexist incoherent things matt forney believes

In the event that you’re confused, check out this glorious masterpiece: The Case Against Female Self-Esteem. It has made me so angry that I have literally spent an hour (which I could and should have spent at the GCB) writing this blog post. Basically, he writes that women should stop having self-esteem because it’s killing his boner. Enjoy.

  1. Women have “natural biological social functions.” Somewhere in our DNA, femininity is encoded as a series of ACGT sequences that spell out sugar and spice and everything nice.
  2. America is not currently waging a war against female self-esteem. No, America is way too woman-friendly as far as media goes.
  3. America ought to be waging a war against female self-esteem.
  4. Girls (only girls, definitely not boys, not at all) are bombarded with pro-self-esteem propaganda from childhood.
  5. We live in “a man’s world.” For some reason.
  6. “Girls should be discouraged from being confident.”
  7. “Most girls have done nothing to deserve self-esteem.”
  8. Men get respect (and self-esteem) by accomplishing things, but women expect it to just be handed to them like a free cookie.
  9. Men deserve to have self-esteem because they do important things
  10. Women don’t deserve to have self-esteem because they do unimportant things.
  11. Women’s achievements are “complete jokes.”
  12. “Having a college degree is a strike against a girl,” because it demonstrates that she thinks education is like, important or something.
  13. Women all do silly things like teach elementary school.
  14. Men do the really important things, not because of any glass ceiling, but because men are better.
  15. We are “girls,” and we want to “play” in the man’s world.
  16. We (girls) have to obey their (men’s) rules.
  17. We are “girls” or “females,” but members of the other gender are only known as “men.”
  18. A couple of guitarists on Matt Forney’s street corner provide a more useful service to society than a career-driven woman.
  19. “Insecurity is integral to femininity.”
  20. Emotional vulnerability is the same thing as fragility. This is so wrong. Vulnerability is absolutely an integral part of any real relationship between two human beings. You need to be able to be open with your partner, trusting that they won’t hurt you, even though they can. Basically, Matt Forney thinks vulnerability is the opposite of confidence.
  21. “Insecurity is the natural state of woman.” Yes, womanhood has a natural state, and that state is insecure.
  22. “Given their lack of physical strength, a woman on her own should be frightened as hell without men to protect her.” That is a direct quote. I didn’t have to embellish that one bit.
  23. There is a predetermined relationship between men and women, and any deviation from that script is backwards and wrong and leads to misery for everyone forever.
  24. Part of the male identity requires women to need them, either emotionally or materialistically.
  25. “Female insecurity is a crucial ingredient for unlocking our inner masculine instincts.” Again, I wish I’d made that up.
  26. Women should be concerned with unlocking Matt Forney’s “inner masculine instincts.”
  27. If only women looked weaker, men would look super strong! And that would give Matt Forney a boner!
  28. “Confidence doesn’t give men erections; vulnerability does.”
  29. All men get erections from the same things. (That’s why there are only three or four porn videos out there. Once they figured out what turns on the all-encompassing male hive mind, they quickly realized there was no need for any more porn, ever.)
  30. My purpose is to give Matt Forney an erection.
  31. Vulnerability and confidence are opposites.
  32. Women need to be more vulnerable than men, in relationships, because women like confident men, and men like insecure women.
  33. That’s just how it is, for everyone, forever. If you disagree, then you’re either a feminist or a manboob.
  34. Girls get mental illnesses because they deny their feminine instincts.
  35. Women have “inborn insecurity.”
  36. “The modern woman has become an emotional cripple.”
  37. Considering yourself an “equal” in the dating world is the same as viewing your partner as “a life support system for a penis.” Because I consider myself a life support system for my vagina. Hooray for equality!
  38. “Confident women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.” This is the most insane jump Forney makes. He describes a vulnerable, fragile, needy girl, and then describes a totally heartless and frankly horrible-sounding alternative. None of these people are emotionally healthy! A confident woman is not a sociopath!
  39. If women are confident and empowered, “men are nothing more than fashion items to help women show how cool or sophisticated they are.” Because a confident woman couldn’t possibly see a man as a human being.
  40. “If I’m not the center of a girl’s world, I’m not going to be in her world period.” Matt Forney literally demands to be the center of a girl’s world. Nothing else will do, because Matt Forney is so fucking special that he deserves it, as a man.
  41. “So-called confident women are as threatening as a pile of dog turds.” Matt has just described all of the horrible things a confident woman can do to a man (e.g. throwing him in the trash, exchanging him for cash and prizes, etc), but now he’s saying they’re all totally harmless, for reasons that are unclear.
  42. “Women don’t want to have high self-esteem.”
  43. Women with depression are only depressed because their lives are a total lie. Also, women with depression are “confident.” Because if there’s one quality I’d say I associate with depression, it’s confidence.
  44. Their lives are a lie because they’re being confident, and it would be better if they were weak and submissive.
  45. Women “despise their strong, independent lives.” You can tell because they take all that Prozac. You can also tell because they’re so notoriously unhappy.
  46. Women “want nothing more than for a man to throw them over his knee, shatter the Berlin Wall around their hearts, and expose the lovestruck, bashful little girl within.” I cannot even begin to comprehend this.
  47. Pick-up artists are only successful because women need insane displays of dominance to overpower their artificially confident psyches.
  48. Lana Del Rey is popular because women all want to pretend we’re all sixteen years old.
  49. Women write songs about men, because we are all totally nuts for men. Men don’t write songs about women, ever, because men are smart and women are stupid.
  50. Women need men “far more” than men need women.
  51. “Girls will all but die without masculine attention.”
  52. Rape culture is just a made-up thing that lets women feel vulnerable, because we just love feeling vulnerable. This is the part in the article where Matt Forney’s argument goes from insane to sickening. It’s not even a little bit funny.
  53. Feminists lie about rape all the time, for fun. Lying about rape is super fun.
  54. “At the end of the day, there are no Strong, Independent Women™. There are only shrews pleading for a taming.” Women are like pets. Disobedient pets.
  55. Girls don’t want a six-figure job.
  56. Girls don’t want an apartment.
  57. Girls don’t want a master’s degree.
  58. Girls don’t want sexual liberation.
  59. Girls want to be led back to the kitchen.
  60. Girls want to make Matt Forney a sandwich.
  • LeHongrois

    So much butthurt.

    • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

      Is that all you MRA bro’s know how to say? “Butthurt”? Way to use your vocabularies… or wait, is that a girl thing to do?

  • Victory or Death

    Lol matt has left so many people butthurt, i wonder how big is your asshole now lololol

  • Guest

    How about the part about how having a college degree is a strike against women unless it’s in something real like a STEM discipline?? Because they just hand out college degrees now and oh majoring in thinks like political science, international relations, and languages aren’t important and are just SUPER easy. My degree apparently won’t be worth anything.

    • horny mel

      Nope. Less than nothing, most likely, as you’ll be left with a big chunk of debt you’ll be in no position to pay off until you’re old and gray (if ever.)

      • clara b

        Question: Are men with humanities degrees equally worthless? Just wondering…….

        • horny mel

          It’s not the person that’s worthless, male or female, but the degree. Humanities degrees just don’t make financial sense. To be clear, knowledge of and an appreciation for art, history, philosophy, literature, etc. is eminently worthwhile. You don’t need a bloated academic institution and a bunch of ideologue professors to study those things, though. A humanities degree is just a bad gamble economically and a poor use of time generally. Sure, there are definitely worse ways you could spend your times, but that’s pretty weak praise.

          • Megan Kriss

            So my degree in Arabic where a common starting salary as a translator is more than what the average American family earns is a poor financial decision? Good to know. One question though: I’m currently able to pay for the rest of my degree without getting a loan and am loan free thus far, so where’s that debt I’m going to have to use my shit income to pay off?

          • Aalokitaa

            We need more people like you in this world

          • Quetzol-43

            If you even have a degree.

          • Aalokitaa

            You’re redundant… I mean your name ‘horny mel’ sure does tell us where your brain lies at all points of the day

          • DSFARGEG

            And you clearly don’t know the meaning of the word redundant, you dunce. Just sit down and stop trying to sound intelligent, you’re only embarrassing yourself.

    • Quetzol-43

      He want women to be devoid of education and work opportunity so that they will be dependent on a sad loser like him, anything else is socialism.

      Basically, he need the Patriarchy in order to get laid.

  • horny mel

    That took you an hour to write?? There isn’t even any of your writing in there, just one sentence paraphrases of Matt’s statements (sometimes with a sarcastic attitude added in, sometimes not.)

    Do you really think you should be in college? This post is a great argument against “girl power.” You think the fact that you were offended, that some stranger on the internet hurt your feelings warrants being shared with the public? Absurd. I’m sure you can’t see it, but this thing you’ve done here (and your decision to share it with the public) paints women in a worse light than anything suggested in Matt’s article.

    • clara b

      Oh, my feelings aren’t hurt. Don’t worry about my feelings. They’re just fine.

      I wanted to post this because I want everyone to know how incoherently hateful Matt and his freaky misogynist followers are. Because in my circles, we literally forget that people as dumb as you exist. Once in a while, it’s good to be reminded.

    • disqus_rmAvqAGvaH

      Yeah. Its “butthurt” when you object to people who deny your humanity.

      Matt is retarded. His claims are based on no evidence apart from his pathological need to feel dominant over women. Taking pride in the perceived superiority of your gender isn’t something an emotionally healthy person does.

      He doesn’t really deserve serious analysis, because there’s nothing there to analyze. His incredibly half-assed observations are absolutely baseless, and reflect nothing more than his own misogyny.

      His blog is the ravings of an insecure person on the wrong side of history. We should pity him, I suppose.

      Well done, Clara, to drawing attention to this self-evident bullshit. Your article is awesome.

    • http://www.rubyvelour.com/ Ruby Velour

      I hate to respond to someone who is clearly a massive douchebag and probably revels in fighting with girls on the internet, but at what point did her blog post “paint women in a worse light than anything suggested in Matt’s article”? Because I actually don’t believe it does and am inclined to think you’re full of shit. Or do you just hate women so much that when one dares stand up for herself and her gender, you get all cut up because OMG how dare a woman have thoughts, feelings and opinions???!!!

    • Athywren

      Sometimes writing includes editing, which is that part where you decide which parts not to include, as well as rephrase parts that you do want to include, but think work better another way. Not all writers just spew words out.
      There’s also the possibility that 50 minutes of that hour were spent howling with laughter at the inanity of Forney’s original post.

    • occidentaldissadent

      Matt is a masochistic fat troll. Chubster who promotes ‘fat shaming’ in women but is a tubby effeminate lard ass himself. Find yourself a real man.

    • Aalokitaa

      Your brain is either non functional,or better yet non existent

  • Cesia Leon

    You’re fucking awesome for drawing attention to this, even though you knew you were going to get abuse. Well done, thank you, please don’t listen to idiots, you’re doing the right thing xx

    • Matt Facciani

      Women who openly challenge misogyny are my heroes. It’s easy for me to call out the terrible things Forney and others say because I am a white, straight, cis-gendered, man and have all the privilege in the world. Women and minorities are already systematically oppressed and receive hate from talking out, but they also produce the greatest change. I’m envious of the courage this woman has as well as all the other women who speak out about such issues.

      • Quetzol-43

        If Matt Forney was supreme dictator of the United States, then women there would be oppressed.

        But he isn´t, misogynists are angry losers dwelling in basements, not policies makers. There are laws against gender discrimination.

        Affirmative Action have existed since 1968 and back in 2008 a black president was elected, so nope, the minorities aren´t oppressed in your part of the world, not since decades.
        Ever heard of the civil right movement ? Of Martin Luther King? Or is knowing basic history another Privilege?

      • DSFARGEG

        Wow, I desperately want to believe this post is satirical, but I can see that it isn’t. This guy is totally serious. I just…I don’t even know what to say. Just, wow…

        Matthew Facciani, you are the biggest pussy in the world. Congratulations.

    • LHathaway

      I agree, perhaps not for the same reasons (I’m not sure) but I agree with you and I will say it also, thanks for drawing attention to this. I don’t agree with all Mr. Forney is saying, not at all (I suspect he may be a detriment to the men’s movement) but he is saying Something. Eh, he’s probably just another member of team-diversity but he is saying something.

  • http://www.sarahlibros.blogspot.com/ Sarah Libros

    ohh my goodness. For one thing I’m in disbelief that people are criticizing you for having something to say about this… Also I know I should be used to it but I’m shocked every time I read something like that post. I’m so tired of having to explain to people why this is wrong and no I really should be seen & treated like an actual human being..

  • http://loveashley.net/ Ashley

    Hello! I am a first time visitor, brought to your by manboobz. Following. 🙂

    And yeah, this guy is big fat joke.

  • Athywren

    Hello! Also a manboobz-directed new follower.
    It’s almost as if this Forney guy’s an irrational, loser, isn’t it?

  • Matt Facciani

    Personally, I’m torn on what to do with guys like this Forney character. It is painfully obvious he is nothing more than an internet troll. He wrote a book on trolling the internet and his twitter is filled with him bragging about how many page views his hateful website gets. Forney aims to piss people off by saying offensive things and then he rakes in money from getting hits on his site. He knows exactly what he is doing and he does it well.

    Here is the real problem. Many guys actually buy into his misogynist bullshit. Many guys with fragile egos need someone like Forney to talk down to women as it makes them feel better about themselves. So do we call out Forney’s behavior and give him the attention he craves to potentially change the minds of some vulnerable men? Honestly, yes, I think it is probably worth to feed Forney’s ego for a bit to stop some of the hate he spews. Yes, Forney will continue to exploit people for money, but at least he won’t do as much harm.

    • TyDaMan

      He is a bit of a sociopath in my opinion.

      • ctmany

        Total, not just “a bit.”

    • Indian Girl

      You are absolutely right. He is a jerk. He is racist too. A loser who has nothing else to do. He has put an article on Returnofkings… about Indian women… “5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls”… which is extremely offensive and racist. If we file a complaint against him, he can be behind bars for posting such a racist article. Also, the webmaster of Returnofkings, Roosh is a racist and a feminist like him. I contacted him to remove the article but he’s not doing anything about it. He considers women as a piece of meat for having sex and if a woman doesn’t suck his ugly d*ck that she’s a prude. Every woman in this world has hair…White or black or any race… God has made us like that.. Some like to shave their hair and stay clean and some like to keep it natural.. How can this f*ing ugly man call all Indian women hairy? …….If I found him anywhere, I’d give him a tight slap on his face.. This ugly man who is an ugly thinker should be sent to some other planet or he should find a GAY man for him, who can suck his u*gly dick everyday and he can do the same for him. A guy like him who doesn’t respect women doesn’t deserve a woman too…Also, most important thing…. he’s portraying a very ugly picture of white guys and if any Indian woman reads this article…she would think 10 times to date a white guy.

      • Aakriti

        I totally girl man. I couldn’t believe the guts of this guy!

        • Guest

          Indian girls mostly suck as people.

          • Guest

            so do you!

          • Amanda

            Have you met every Indian girl on the face of the planet, to say that? No. Pray to Jesus Christ.

      • Quetzol-43

        “If we file a complaint against him, he can be behind bars for posting such a racist article.”


        Why complain? You should be very happy that RoK viewers avoids you like the plague.

      • Jeremy lanes

        i totally agree with you. somebody should file a complain about this guy. I am a Filipina and i have a half indian daughter. The article she writes about Filipina and Indian women is not acceptable and very offensive.

      • chill_mc

        Your use of language is disgusting, just like Indian people.

        • Amanda

          Don’t judge all Indian people! Have you met every Indian person on the face of the planet? No.

          • chill_mc


      • A$hl3y

        I despise that Matt Forney guy, but I really do think Indian girls suck. I’ve stayed in India for a few months, traveled the country, and I didn’t meet a single girl who is not disgusting. I have a few Indian classmates too – and they’re all fucking nauseating!

        Parts from your comment that gave me cancer:
        “If I found him anywhere, I’d give him a tight slap on his face.. This
        ugly man who is an ugly thinker should be sent to some other planet or
        he should find a GAY man for him” — Hmm. Nice.
        “u*gly” — What’s in between u and g?
        “she would think 10 times to date a white guy” — 10 times? Not 11?

        You Indians suck! What are you even doing here? Go back to your hut.

        • Amanda

          You can’t judge all Indian women based on the women you met that you didn’t like.
          Jesus Christ said : ” Do not judge or you will be judged”. Ask Jesus Christ to help you with your resentment.

      • Amanda

        I understand why your angry but be careful not to use vulgar language for your benefit and so people can understand you better, if they just see or hear the vulgar language they will miss out on your saying.
        Pray to Jesus Christ to help you with your resentment. I had resentment against Matt Forney too.

      • Megan Kriss

        Nothing about RoK is remotely feminist…

    • LHathaway

      STHU you disgusting ignorant feminist pig.

  • Sandee29

    Honestly, why do we give people like this a platform? It is painfully obvious that they have no talent what-so-ever for anything but posting sh*t on internet. They thrive on attention.
    The only right thing to do is to ignore people like this. And it really does not matter if he is for real, or just playing.
    If there are any good hackers out there, perhaps you can find a way to switch off the light in his computer?

  • Sara610

    Here’s the thing–why does anyone care what this moron thinks? He doesn’t appear to have accomplished anything noteworthy, and opinions are like assholes–everyone has one. I’m not sure why everyone is so up in arms about what one random loser thinks.

  • Emma Corbett-Usher

    Thank you so much for making this piss take. I felt sick after reading Matt Fuckbrain’s article but this really made me laugh. So, thank you 😀

  • Kate

    Matt Forney is invited to come live my (wonderful and incredibly challenging) life for 24 hours. I hope he can deal with a husband who is passive and enjoys long conversations about existentialism and slow, sensitive sex in which I am the aggressor. I hope he will enjoy his stint with my three incredibly confident and headstrong daughters, who would Destroy. His. Soul within the first ten minutes, and my uber sensitive and passive (like his daddy!) son. I hope he has a solid education with which to do the work I do every day, performing immunoassays and making diagnoses in a medical laboratory. (Oh, wait, does that meet STEM requirements?…never mind, he can handle that no problem). And I’d really enjoy seeing him try his hand (boob?) at breastfeeding my daughter, who, ya know, I’ve kept ALIVE with my body for the entirety of her life. What am I saying? I’m worthless! I could just die tomorrow and nobody would even blink. Silly, silly little boy. I bet his mama is so proud.

    • Gene Kim

      Have you neutered your son, is he an official eunuch yet? You are disgusting.

    • Quetzol-43

      This is Matt Forney´s greatest fear.


      So one of your “incredibly confident and headstrong” daughters is still breastfeeding? Is she just an intelligent, opinionated infant or is it some weird familial thing where you breastfeed your grown children? That might explain your pussy son.

      • Mei

        Please don’t talk. Every comment you’ve post thus far has just far has proven that you cant speak or even think for yourself, at least learn to spell.

        • ICouldHaveLied

          Yawn. Are spelling and grammatical errors all you have to work with, you pretentious fuck? You are boring. You’re too dumb to respond to the content of my posts so you target inane, irrelevant shit. That’s a good sign you’re a halfwit. Besides, I didn’t make a single spelling or grammar error in that nearly half-year-old post you responded to, so you can’t even get that right.

          Try again or walk away hanging your head in shame, you pitiful cunt.

          • Mei

            Struck a nerve did I? Guilty conscious maybe :/ Do you even know the meaning of “pretentiousness” without having to look up and or paraphrase the definition and realize how fervently irrelevant to the subject it is? Im not here to amuse you. Lol. To the contrary, you’re still my amusement. My post (however curt it may be) made perfect sense to me and pertains almost completely to you. So I mean seems pretty darn relevant. Really? Resorting to antics my son would pull, name calling? Poor dear. You made 3 “errors” by the way, so trivial and petty I know and yet, so obvious. Whats shame got to do with any of it? If you must know you’ve cracked me up despite your lack of manners, not to mention the obvious predicted response. Childs play to some I know but hey, it got you going ^_^

          • ICouldHaveLied

            It’s so laughable seeing you desperately try to sound intelligent, desperately try to be taken seriously. It’s almost cute, if you weren’t so pathetic. That’s what makes you pretentious, you pretentious twat. I know the meaning of the word and that’s why I’m using it, I’m not the caliber of dumb loser who needs to use big words I don’t know the meaning of in order to impress, I don’t need to stoop as low as you. Like how you misspelled “conscience” and you used “fervently” in a context that proves you clearly don’t know the meaning of the word, or how to properly apply it to a conversation.

            Your intention might not be to amuse me but you certainly are. You’re a joke and you don’t even realize it, that’s what makes you so funny. The best clowns are funny without even trying, and that’s you, you clown – you joke of a woman. It’s also funny how you’re correcting supposed grammatical errors, errors you never actually pointed out by the way, when your post looks and reads like it was written by a fourteen year old. You don’t even know how apostrophes work, or if you do you didn’t demonstrate that knowledge in your post.

            So that makes you a hypocrite AND stupid, or in other words pretty much the worst type of human being. You say you have a son? Goddamn I feel bad for that kid, he was doomed from the start being crapped out by such an idiot and a loser for a mother. I’m sorry he’s stuck with you and I feel bad for humanity knowing such flawed genes are being propagated.

            Please do share though, where in my first post were the grammatical/spelling errors? I need more good chuckles at your profound lack of intelligence, I want to expose your stupidity to the world.

      • Amanda

        Ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness, you can live life happy and helping people, and say better things when your angry about something and get your message across better, and go to heaven with God who made you and Jesus Christ who was punished for your sins on the cross, for eternity. Follow Jesus Christ and you can have paradise for eternity and handle life on earth much better.

        • ICouldHaveLied

          Ok thanks preacher, bwahaha. Everything you base your life on is a lie and your religion is a joke. There is no afterlife, you get one ride, one try at consciousness, so you better enjoy it cunt, lmfao.

    • Ralph Furley

      Nobody even had to joke about the passive males in your life — you boasted about them. Sick.

  • Ashley

    You should read the one on why fat girls don’t deserve love. To me this Matt Forney guy has hatred for women equal to the hatred Hitler had for jews. It makes my stomach turn.

  • Grimetime

    We should also keep in mind that his Facebook page only has 500 likes. For the internet that is such an astoundingly tiny number. AS much as I hate him, and everything he stands for he is an insect

  • TheSunGod

    I honestly can’t tell if he’s stupid or just a troll. I mean come on…no one can be THIS stupid right? Right?!

  • J P

    TLDR – Butthurt feminist basically plagiarizes some dude’s original article and then blogs about it on the laptop she snuck into the kitchen.

    • Atticus Dogsbody


      You losers have a real fixation on anal sex, don’t you?

      • J P

        Of course we have a fixation with anal sex. Nothing shows a woman who’s teh BAWS like mixing sexytime mit teh butthex. Although I must say our fixation with anar-sex is nothing compared to the bug chasing homofags who throw HIV-conversion parties.

  • Sugartits

    I thought that numbers 38 and 39 were oddly revealing about his character (not that any of his pathetic character is a secret). Essentially, his opinion that confident and empowered women see men as “fashion items” rather than humans is a reflection of his inability to see women as human beings, but rather some kind of strange creatures that he has taken upon himself to decode for the entire male species so that they can all get some easy poontang.

    I’m guessing you’ve seen his recent post titled “How to crush a girl’s self-esteem”.

  • lord loldemort

    This guy clearly has no idea about depression or mental illness (unless he’s trolling, which he probably is). Depression has absolutely nothing to the gender, the opposite sex or relationships, sure it could be brought on from a break-up or a rejection but chances are if you get seriously depressed from this then you may have had something wrong beforehand. My point is that unless you you have masters degree in psychology, work as a therapist/psychologist and have spoken to the sufferer in depth beforehand, you should never, EVER try to tell someone what their depression (or any mental condition) is or where it comes from. I remember once my dad tried to tell me I was depressed because I don’t have a boyfriend and I “don’t go out enough”, he was only trying to understand and I guess he meant well, but it was just like no. Dad. No. It’s so, SO much bigger and deeper than that. Depression is how you see the world just as much as how you see yourself, it’s how you see society and people and what they do. And you see it all as sh*t. I’d say it’s more accurate that I don’t have a boyfriend or go out much BECAUSE I’m depressed, because I simply don’t see the point in any of it. Also, men get depression too! And it’s just as horrible whichever gender you are! Go figure Matt Forney.

    Honestly I am not a feminist myself (I think equality is all cool or whatever but I don’t think you should have to align yourself with some group to believe in it and yeah as a girl I don’t want them to think/speak for me because they do not represent me or my views) and I can totally see why people are disillusioned with it. But I don’t see why people feel that fighting extremes with the opposite extreme is the way to solve a problem. It’s not. Extremes of pretty much anything is bad. But this guy seems to be like, ‘hey, I think a lot of what feminists say is stupid. I think I’ll become the total opposite and be a woman-hating asshole! Because that’s totally not making myself look just as bad but the other way! That’ll show ’em!’. I literally don’t understand that attitude.

    But hey, like I said, he’s probably trolling if that makes y’all feel any better.

  • occidentaldissadent

    He’s masochist who gets a boner from being insulted by girls – why else would he do it? Masochists love to piss off females because he turns them on. What he really wants to give him a boner is a bitch slapping mistress. Hit him some and he’ll love you for it. He exhibits classic masochistic behaviour – annoying women to procure a negative reaction.

  • emily

    these guys spend so much time obsessing over sex that it’s pathetic. like, there’s more to the human experience then rubbing your genitalia on somebody else’s genitalia. matt forney needs to pull himself together and get a life.

  • John Smith

    Matt forney…let’s be honest here…phili is the ONLY place in the world where a guy who looks like YOU can get laid….these girls dont like you for being white or having a big dick or any of that stuff…no girls will be attracted to you period because of your unattractive face….Thats just a simple fact…these girls are desperately poor and are trying to escape from their shitty existence…. The “dating” tips you mentioned dont apply…they will fuck you if you are nice or not…age won’t matter ….only the “hope ” of leaving their hell. Some of them do want a white mix baby because they think their child may become famous etc..like a hand few of their mixed celebrities.
    The point is try to look at it from a girls perspective… Why would any girl actually want to have something that looks like you on top of her…she wants a good looking sexy guy just like any girl would! And settling for an old bald trucker looking guy is just a lesser of two evils for them…the point is…bring any of those girls back home with you and they will leave you for a better looking guy….you are just a way to survive for them here…basically you are paying for hookers weither you like it or not as it just unnatural for any female to find you attractive. And phili girls only LOVE(sexually attracted to) handsome men! Not becuae they are phili but because they are human women.

  • Sunny L.

    So I looked up his picture (this Matt Farney guy) and he is one ugly dude that MUST have been stepped on and crushed time after time. This is why he acts this way. I have seen his followers and they are pretty much the same. His comments don’t crush women. They make them stronger.

    • Amanda

      Does Matt Farney, himself have a weight problem? He kept putting down overweight women on his article.

  • Aakriti

    Hey I just read an article by Matt Forney http://www.returnofkings.com/51395/5-reasons-why-you-should-not-date-indian-girls#_=_ . I am so appalled. I am Indian girl. I am shocked. I don’t know where to show my anger. I mean I would be simply happy if guys like him don’t date Indian Girls!

    • A$hl3y

      WTF! Another Indian girl? I don’t give a fuck about these “manosphere giants”, but I think Indians deserve to be hated. Get the fuck out of here.

  • Stacy

    If that makes you angry, you should read the article he wrote about how to get away with beating your girlfriend. As a victim of domestic violence, it made me very emotional and wanting to puke. I was hoping he was a satire writer, but after looking at other articles he wrote it is very apparent he’s just a misogynist piece of shit.

  • strong.mined

    Omg i cant belive he is getting away for stuff like that its a load of bullshit hes a load of bulshit it makes me so angry that someone could be that sexist does he honestly think he is better because in reality he is a loser who objectives women as he wants if i ever got my hands on him i swear to go people who are like that are just depressed sad little people and there is nothing wrong of different about indian girls or any girls i once saw a post of his that said it was ok to hit women its absoultly horrible

  • intersectionalmracommunist

    -Citation needed.

    Also, it is pretty hard to tell if this site is satire.

  • Lara Lin

    Matt Forgey, you are so full of BS and misogyny…

  • gaurav kumar


  • Kevin Pierce

    Matt at a recent speaking engagement: https://goo.gl/u7BqUf

  • Anonymous

    Mark Forney is a failure who earns proletariat penury via selling a nefarious, sexist viewpoint; “women are inferior”. According to the Bible, New Testament; Galatians Chapter 3 : 28, “There is neither male or female for ye are all one in Christ”. Men and Women are equal, we all have a soul and a phenomenal proficiency of loving with vehemence. MAD Forney! you have an UNLOVABLE personality (insecure, insane, idiotic), UGLY looks (fugly face, short stool, fat fool, small stick), DECUMBENT money (Return to school you joke, vagabonds piss on your head, you broke), MONEY-LESS
    background (Ridiculous Druglord-lookingbeard, INSOLENT!)and unintelligent NONSENSICAL moron (bottomless IQ), a cretin soul-deep into synchronization with his shamelessness. Bestowing this bloviating ignoramus with acknowledgement is an abominable decision.

    Irrelevant lives as yours “MAD FORNEY” have no purpose in life, when you die nobody will care, perchance your family of origin, your works clarify the bad parenting you endured, bullying and isolation, creating a sociopath.You will NEVER be competent to have a spouse that loves you there is not “someone out there for everybody” and You will die ALONE. Stop TROLLING your precarious dilemmas on internet. GET MEDICATED YOU SHIT HEAD!

  • Jeremy lanes

    I am a Filipino and I am totally disgusted about what this Forney guy writes on his blog, not just about the Filipinas but women in general. His idiocity should be stopped ASAP.

    • Anon

      He steals Filipina women from their Filipino husbands.


  • Carolina Uribe

    I was just checking out his blog. For all the macho bs, I wonder who would have sex with him?

  • Victory or Death

    All I hear I hear is butthurt ahahahahha lol you guys are pathetic

  • Victory or Death

    Oh btw, your writting is complete and utter trash

  • Matt_Grey

    Thought you might like to know that good ol’ horny Forney is currently on heavy rotation at Redice. If you have a disqus account no doubt he would love to hear from you! 🙂


  • Pilot

    Matt is a sad man. He would be a lot happier if he just came out of the closet. Either that or his micropenis problem has caused him great grief and anger due to his rejection and humiliation by women.

  • Amanda

    Matt Forney is doing what satan wants Matt Forney to do: lie, lie, lie.
    Matt Forney needs to know that God and Jesus Christ are supposed to be the center of a woman’s life, not Matt Forney. I know Jesus said to “love our enemies” and ” pray for those who persecute you.” but so I have to pray really hard for Matt Forney because I found myself thinking swear words about Matt Forney.