the girl

Clara is a member of Brown University’s class of 2014. She is a reformed vegetarian (read: bacon enthusiast), linguistics major, dog lover, hopeless romantic, and overall a typical Aries.

She grew up with her mom, dad, miniature poodle, and younger sister in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington DC. The summer before her senior year of high school, her family relocated to Switzerland, where she learned to love public transportation and came to terms with the fact that sometimes, some people are just going to judge you (usually the Swiss — culture shock’s a bitch) and you really can’t spend too much time worrying about it.

Clara is the typical neurotic overachiever with a rebellious streak and wicked sense of style, or so she likes to tell herself. She can be found on twitter @clarabellum.

the magazine

That Girl Magazine is a project for girls like Clara and also for girls unlike Clara. That Girl Magazine is the college blog that should have existed years ago, carefully walking the line between fucking the patriarchy and recommending an awesome new lipstain. That Girl Magazine is for girls who have a favorite philosopher and also a favorite brand of nail polish. It’s for girls who are passionate about the environment, but might still drive all the way to Connecticut to pick up the new Lilly Pulitzer  agenda.

That Girl Magazine is about days in the library and it is about nights in basements with beer pong and the Childish Gambino album. It is about formally analyzing the meaning of “[possessive] ass” as an emphatic sometimes-reflexive pronoun (e.g. “She needs to get her ass to Starbucks right now” versus “She needs to get his ass to Starbucks, because we all know she’s giving him a ride, and he is late.”) It’s about knowing what the trends are and sometimes choosing not to care. It’s about breakups and current events and not letting lesser blogs try to tear down your self esteem.

If that sounds like something you might be into, stick around.

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