it’s not even hard: fifty uses for washi tape in your dorm room

This is the miracle of washi tape.

Do you know about washi tape? It’s the ultimate dorm decor secret weapon.

It’s reasonably cheap, it’s adorable, and you can put it on goddamned everything. If there’s a flat surface in your dorm room, you should put washi tape on it.

  1. The outside of a lampshade.
  2. The inside of a lampshade.
  3. Your drawers.
  4. Your photos. Like frames, but lighter and cheaper and better in every way.
  5. The bottom of your desk
  6. Your computer charger. To differentiate it from everyone else’s white brick.
  7. Your notebook.
  8. Your textbooks.
  9. Your utensils. For the classiest takeout ever.
  10. Your keys.
  11. Your picture frames
  12. Your light switch
  13. Your cups. Make your pregame the most pinterest-able pregame ever.
  14. Your wires.
  15. Your pencils.
  16. Your pens.
  17. Your door. The inside of your door, the outside of your door, the side of your door, whatever flat surface you can find.
  18. Your bottles. For the flower vase you have in your dorm room, obviously.
  19. Your paper clips
  20. Your keyboard.
  21. Your laptop. Why stop at the keyboard? Go all out.
  22. Your clock.
  23. The sides of your shelves.
  24. Your bed.
  25. Your injuries. Crafty.
  26. Your water bottles.
  27. Your iPad.
  28. Your ceiling fan. This probably will require a stepladder.
  29. Your thumb tacks
  30. Your bookmarks.
  31. Your wall (in shapes!). You could draw a boat! Or a sun! Or a tree! Or a house! Or a dog! Seriously!
  32. Your binder clips.
  33. Your jars
  34. Your chopsticks. You know, for the one moment between being handed chopsticks and using them to eat food.
  35. Your bulletin board.
  36. Your guitar
  37. Your calendar.
  38. Your storage bins
  39. Your clipboard.
  40. Your chair legs. This is what is often known as a “pop of color.”
  41. Clothespins
  42. Your makeup brushes.
  43. A bucket. Perhaps to store your makeup brushes in.
  44. Your coasters.
  45. A wooden letter.
  46. Your iphone case
  47. Your nail polish. Meta-decorative.
  48. Your bike helmet.
  49. A chalkboard.
  50. Your refrigerator.