on the heat death of the universe

I know, I know, I’ve been gone for ages, and there was that weird guest post about racism in porn that was up for about an hour before I took it down, and I’ve been totally silent otherwise. It’s weird. I know. Sorry.

I will be re-uploading the porn article, by the way. My friend wanted to edit it.

Anyway, I took this set of non-blogging concerns to a facebook group I’m in with a bunch of blogging buddies. I had the following exchange with the delightful Harper of Harper Honey. Observe:

Me: i haven’t blogged in like two months and i feel really weird about it. part of me misses it, but i just feel really uninspired. every time i look at the new-post screen i just get annoyed at myself for not having any good ideas, and then i think “oh what’s the point” and stop.

related: i just did the whole “graduation” thing, although technically i don’t graduate until december. but it’s a lot of anxiety and stuff which is probably not helping.

anyone else been there?

Harper: I know not everyone is a proponent of this strategy, but I recommend writing SOMETHING. Sometimes the hardest part about doing something is starting. Even if it comes out sub-par, you can rework it. I firmly believe that a good idea isn’t everything– it’s execution that will set you apart from the 8 million other chocolate chip cookie recipes. You have really good instincts and voice, so I think even a less than magical post idea will turn out awesome if you have the patience to work with it.

Me: yeah i totally agree — that’s exactly the advice i would give myself too haha. it’s just…. ***SIGH*** you know?

Harper: yeah, like what is the meaning of life given the inevitability of the passage of time and eventually death. I feel that.

Harper: sorry I think I took your sigh to a weird place

Me: right. like, okay, yeah, i could write a blog post about misogyny or graduating or moving out of my apartment or new jeans, but like… THEN what? the eventual heat death of the universe is still a thing so…

Harper: idk man, these are the big questions.

Harper: Perhaps nihilist Taylor Swift is in order.

So I’ve decided to take Harper’s advice and just write something.

Right now, I’m packing up my apartment so I can move out on Thursday. I can’t decide what order I should pack things in, so I’m just doing it more or less at random right now. Is that the best strategy? Probably not.

On the other hand, I’m pretty proud of figuring out that it’s easier to bring all my clothes to The Laundry Club (where they’ll wash things for me at $1.10 a pound) than do the approximately 42 loads of laundry I’ve been neglecting. The Laundry Club even folds things for you. Which means my clothes will be ready to pack as soon as I pick them up tomorrow. Woooo!

And yet, the inevitable heat death of the universe marches on.