it’s link thursday!

Do you think bloggers suck? I hope not. But, honestly some bloggers do suck. This site is pretty much only enabling me to hate strangers though. I have mixed feelings on it, because it’s hilarious.

Finals are coming! Finals are coming! Everyone, duck and cover! Close your windows! If we stay very still, maybe they won’t notice us and they’ll just leave! Alternatively, you could check out this list of focus-boosting techy tools.

Sorry for talking about finals at all. I hate myself for it. Here are some cute animals.

I had to read this article for my Electronic Writing class and found it really cool. Y’all should read it too. It’s about the internet, which is clearly something you like. (As a note: I promise to try to consult you guys as much as possible in the coming months).

GIFs are so trendy now. Do you go to Brown? Then I’m almost sure you’ve already seen this site on facebook.

Have you heard? Twilight fanfiction is literature! Also, pizza is a vegetable and Ratty food is good.