it’s link thursday!

Do you like existentialism? Do you like Lilly Pulitzer? Of course you do. Now, imagine smashing the two together! Check out this single purpose tumblr — Sad Quotes on Girly Backgrounds. It’s pretty and really really bleak. Like reality. (It might be getting to me.)

Small Kitchen College is becoming my go-to source for creative cocktails. Who would think of mixing gin, beer, and ginger? It actually sounds delicious. I need classier drinking circumstances. I foretell $6 champagne in my future.

In other news, today is Purim! Purim is the Jewish holiday in which you are instructed by God to get so drunk that you cannot tell good from evil or a cookie from a hat. You’re supposed to give to charity and dress up in costume, but more importantly, you’re supposed to get smashed.

Maybe I just have an unhealthy addiction to nail art, but this looks adorable and I want to do it. I know some other people are exactly as OCD about nails as I am, and they might also appreciate this tip courtesy of The Beauty Department: Dip an old eyeliner brush into nail polish remover to clean up any nail polish left around your cuticles after you’re done painting. It’s more precise than q-tips.

Kids these days are so wrapped up in themselves and their attractiveness. They must be so sad, always being portrayed as pretty on the internet. They don’t want to skype when they have wet hair! (But actually, I feel bad. Society sucks.) (But I will probably not skype you if my hair is wet.)

The Tangential, once again, addresses one of my social anxieties with clarity and poise. Kind of. Man, saving seats for people is the worst. Once, I walked into this computer science class that the boy and I were both shopping, and I tried to save him a seat by just looking really unpleasant. It worked. People sat on the floor rather than daring to sit next to me. The boy showed up and probably thought that I smelled or pulled a knife on someone or something.