pros and cons of snapchat


  • Snapchat is great for sexting. Actually, I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never sexted with snapchat (or, actually, in general), but I’m sure that if I had someone to sext, I would totally sext with snapchat and it would be awesome.
  • Snapchat allows you to be goofy without repercussions. If most social media has college students grooming themselves to look happy and fun and put-together all the time, snapchat is the opposite of that. Most of the snapchats I send are of me looking really terrible on airplanes and stuff. And no one can really hold me accountable.
  • Snapchat lets you draw on the pictures and stuff. This needed to be a feature of the iPhone camera like, yesterday. I freaking love drawing on my pictures. (So does my niece, pictured above. I might just be writing this post to brag about how cute she is.)
  • You can group-snapchat. This is by far the most efficient way to let everyone know how silly and carefree you are.


  • Everyone assumes snapchat is for sexting. On at least one occasion, I have told a friend to get snapchat so I can send silly pictures of me looking horrible in various states of transit, and they’ve said “EW I DON’T WANT YOUR DICK PICS CLARA.” This is highly inconvenient. 
  • Some people are screenshot-ing bitches who try to save the evidence of your silliness. Snapchat does notify you if they try, which is nice, but still. Those people shouldn’t be allowed to snapchat.
  • You can’t snapchat instagrams. Sometimes I think I’d like my snapchats better if they had some kind of Xpro II going on. #2013problems.
  • Seriously, why does everyone think I’m trying to send them nudes?
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