something i’ve noticed about the internet

Tabbed browsing has really changed the way we do things.

I used to only look at one window at a time. Now I never have fewer than maybe 8 tabs open, plus iMessage in the background. For a website to be good, it has to be the kind of thing that I can look at for a second, decide to keep open, ignore for half an hour while I look at other stuff, return, and still enjoy as much as I would have otherwise.

What makes that happen? I like big text, broken up by pictures. Then again I guess I’m just demanding that any article online that’s longer than 400 words be presented to me like a my-first-chapter-book.

The point is, people browse the web in this ADHD way now, and you can complain about it all you want, but the websites that are doing really well (see: Buzzfeed) are capitalizing on this.

Then again, Buzzfeed does so many of those pointless videos. Does anyone watch them? Usually it just seems like they took a text-based list post and then asked someone to read it out loud.

Related: Auto-play (on videos) sucks a lot. If I haven’t explicitly given someone permission to take up a few minutes of my time with interesting content, I don’t want to hear it. And if it’s not even content but some lame ad for a Swiffer or something, you can seriously count me out.

(Yes, I am indeed aware that this very site has mobile video ads that auto-play and it’s terrible. I am acutely aware. I hate it too, you guys. But it makes me like 38 cents every month and I’m putting them in my piggy bank for an ice cream cone maybe someday.)

  • Val

    oh hey to get rid of autoplay adds, just download the AddBlock plugin. It’s on firefox and chrome, and probably most of the more popular browsers.

    • Aquaria

      It doesn’t get rid of all of them. You still have to tell some of them to knock it off.

      If I were in charge, sites that use autoplay wouldn’t get Dante’s ninth ring; they’d go right past that to live under Satan’s left nut.