thoughts on resolutions

I mentioned it before — That girl isn’t a huge fan of New Years resolutions. The most common ones suck, in my opinion (I don’t like seeing everyone run around trying to lose three pounds like Regina George. It just makes me mad at society that that’s usually the best self-improvement technique we can come up with).

That girl’s rule #14: Society does its best to fuck us up. Always stay vigilant.

Setting goals is a good thing to do though. My dad always quotes some study that if you write your goals down, you’re fifty times more likely to achieve them, although I suspect I could wallpaper my room with the phrase “be more organized” and just get distracted by all the shapes.

One year, my best friend’s overachieving mother asked me what my new year’s resolution was. I was maybe twelve, and angsty as hell, and already feeling a little nagging feeling that the man shouldn’t get to dictate when and why I decide to improve myself. I turned to my friend’s mom, and I said, “I think I’m pretty great as it is. I see nothing to change.”

This year, when in doubt, I shall defer to Taylor Swift.

2012 will be Fearless.

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