ways to help the world while looking at cute dogs and art

Two very excellent shoutouts today! Both are fun ways to help the world. So you don’t have a real excuse not to.

1. Alexandria Animals Photo Calendar Contest

So the Alexandria Animal Welfare League is holding a photo contest for cute animals. Go over there and vote on the best animals, for a small donation. The winning pets will end up in the charity calendar, which you should also buy for fifteen dollars, for two reasons.

  1. It’s full of cute pictures of animals.
  2. The money goes to the Alexandria Animal Welfare League, which helps animals.

You may ask, “Clara, why should I care about Alexandria?” And to that, I say, Alexandria is my hometown and I am very fond of it. Feel free to donate fifteen dollars to your local animal shelter if that floats your boat, but you probably won’t get a calendar full of pictures of cute animals. So. There’s that.

The Alexandria Animal Welfare League is trying to raise $40,000, and they’re over halfway to their goal. Go help out!

2. Watercolor and Ink

Watercolor and Ink is a society6 store that sells prints, shirts, clocks, mugs, what have you, with beautiful art (done, predictably, in watercolor and ink).

(Have I mentioned how much I love society6? There’s an ad in my sidebar for Feminist TSwift phone cases — which, by the way, I am still selling — and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without society6 making it stupidly easy to transform your work into real-life products.)

Anyway, Watercolor and Ink has some really excellent stuff. I’m probably going to buy this shirt later today, although I was hugely disappointed that the “Onesies” section is only for infants. Society6 should really consider adding adult onesies. I think they’d be a hit.

Beyond just being very pretty art (which, by the way, you can follow on instagram), Watercolor and Ink has a philanthropic side, which brings me to the general theme of this post!

All proceeds from anything tagged “Puerta Project” go to (as you might have guessed) the Puerta Project, which is a fund to buy stoves for people living in poverty in Guatemala. It turns out, people in Guatemala really need stoves, which was news to me. But having a wood-efficient stove keeps people (mostly women) from having to cook over an open fire, which is pretty dangerous and labor-intensive. Also, half of the proceeds from Watercolor and Ink’s other products also go towards charity.

Oh, and casually, the girls behind Watercolor and Ink and the Puerta Project are both high school students. Are you impressed yet?

So go forth and throw your dollars at these great projects. If you have even five dollars lying around, use them to vote for a cute kitten at the Alexandria Animal Welfare Society. Or decorate your new dorm room with a colorful wall clock. Either way.